Friday, February 17, 2012

New Eyelashes and eBay Arrivals [Picture Heavy]

Hi, Gals!

I meant to do this the night before Valentine's but I guess I got caught up in real life happenings.

Anywho, recently I've been doing a lot of eBay shopping [sadly, it's addicting] and overall I've spent roughly $100 on stuff. They're mostly accessories, though. I mean, I can't help it if such cute things are selling for less than $5.

Anyway. On my last entry, I noted that I had purchased a 6 pair of eyelashes from eBay. Well, they arrived the night before Valentine's day and I tried them all on just to see how they looked. 

Onto the pictures!

Okay, so here are the 6 pairs of lashes I got. I'm in love with the middle right and bottom left the most.

The ones on the top row I will refer to as "Set 1" because they are the most similar to each other.

The middle right and the bottom left are "Set 2".

The middle left and bottom right are "Set 3".

I decided that in order to save time and glue, I'd try them on 2 at a time.

So at the top we have all 6 pairs of lashes. Then we have Set 1, the thinnest, Set 2, the middle thickness and Set 3, the thickest. My pictures are a combination from both my DSi camera and my laptop's webcam due to the colour and quality showing up differently for each one. [I hate the lighting in my bedroom.] Just for reference, my DSi takes pictures backwards, so they'll be opposite to my webcam's photos.

Set 1                                            Set 2                                             Set 3

Onto Set 1!

Set 1 consists of the thinnest pairs. While they're really pretty and natural looking, they don't stand out enough for my tastes. I'd probably wear them if I was going for a softer, more natural look. They blend beautifully with my own eyelashes because my own are very long. 



Onto Set 2!

Overall, Set 2 is most definitely my favourite. Most preferably the one on the right in the image below. They are nice, thick and spread apart evenly. They blend well with my eyelashes and the extension is so pretty. The lashes are just so thick and long and give a really full look while still being able to see my eye shadow through it. I actually ended up wearing the pair on the right to work on Valentine's day. I had a lot of compliments. ♥



Lastly, onto Set 3!

Set 3 are the thickest pairs, sort of resembling fans with how full they appear. The pair displayed on my right have rounded ends, so when looking at them, they appear to fade or show some sort of transparency on the ends. I really liked that. I find that these lashes are really nice, and I'll wear them more often, but Set 2 is still my favourite.




Overall, they are very comfortable, they bend easily and adjust to the shape of your eye with no problem. They're really long, so if you wear glasses, they may sweep up against your lenses. 

They're very soft and have a natural shine to them. They're jet black, which is great for me, who has naturally black eyelashes.

It has a nice lash band that is easy for applying the glue onto. It's neither too thick nor thin.

I like that the set came with a variety that could be used for various occasions other than Gyaru and even if you wear bottom lashes or not, they still add a nice touch to your eyes.

Do I recommend these? Yes.

Unfortunately, the item is no longer for sale because the listing ended and the seller has not relisted the item. They do have other lashes for sale and a variety of makeup and nail accessories. 

Click HERE to visit their store.

Now that that's over with, I also got other arrivals from eBay.

Alright, so my 2mm, 3mm and 10mm tapers arrived in the mail along with my ear cuff. I also got a pair of nice ankle boots off of ebay that go well with this pretty purse I bought from Claire's a few weeks back.

I had to switch the cuff and stud parts of my ear cuff so I could wear it in reverse due to the fact that I'm stretching my earlobes to a 10 mm and I don't have a second piercing on my lobes yet.



Trying on the ear cuff in its original state.

This is my ear cuff after switching the cuff and the stud parts.


my Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Necklace came

my 8.5 Studded Ankle Boots


Ah, that was a lot of stuff in one blog post! If you read it, thank you so much for putting up with it.

Welp, that's all for now, so I'll see you guys until next time! Love you!

♥♥♥ ~Demy


  1. Oh Gosh! *_*Where did you get your ear cuffs? I'm in love *_* <3

    1. Oh, I got my ear cuffs on eBay! I can link you to them~ I only paid like $3.95 for them!

  2. THOSE BOOTS ARE HOT~ I really like the set 2 and set 3 lashes. Especially the set 2 I'm a sucker for spiky and thick lashes! And You like KH2?!?

    1. I LOVE THE BOOTS. $16.99 ON EBAY. They were shipped from California, so I got them in 2 days! O:

      Set 2 is my favourite by far, but I like set 3, too. I agree with you on the spiky thick lashes, bit.

      I am a super Kingdom Hearts whore. XD "DemyDemDem" comes from the fact that I love Demyx [and Zexion] and I referred to him as "Dem" or "Demy", so combining them made it sound cute. Since then, I've been known as "Demy". XD

  3. Ooohhh... once I receive my paycheck... oh man I will have the biggest ebay haul ever!

    By the way, I am secretely looking at your make-up pics on facebook and you are really good! x3

    Oh! And I tagged you! :D You probably have seen the 11 things tag floating around and well, I thought it would be really fun if you participated aswell. I made up some ridiculous questions and can't wait for people to answer them hahaha.

    Anyway, here is the entry
    and I hope you will participate! *-------*)/

    Write ya soon! <3

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  5. All the lashes are so pretty! I wish I had them all:) The shoes are also very cute^_^