Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Hair, Gyaru Practice, and stuff I bought~ (Picture Heavy)

Hey Gals!

Alright, where to begin, where to begin...

WELL. I guess I'll start off with my hair.


I've been wanting, for a while now, to do something different to it because I have hair A.D.D. and am constantly changing it. As you all know, it was recently dyed blue in December for the holidays, but it quickly turned green from repeated washing.

I finally bleached it again and it's this pretty golden blonde colour. I went to Wal-Mart the other day and saw this box of Splat Rebellious Colors Lightening Bleach one application kit for $8 something.

It did a wonderful job! My roots were coming in like crazy and my natural hair colour is nearly black. They came to a slight orangey colour, but since my hair was pre-bleached, it's a very nice golden blonde. 


A few weeks ago, I also bought myself a bottle of Keratin Deep Penetrating Conditioning Treatment from Sally's Beauty Supply for $8 because of my hair feeling much like straw from the chemical damage from my constant hair dyeing. Not to mention the fact that I haven't had a trim in over a year. I really need it. The split ends are killing me.

I've yet to use it, but the employee at Sally's recommended that I use it at least once a week and I will see results. So, here's to hoping. I want my hair to have the luster and shine that it once had.

So, after doing all of that, I decided to practice my Gyaru make up again and show off my waves and be a cam whore. Don't worry, I won't spam you with a bunch of pics of my mug. That's for facebook. XD


So then, onto my hair!


It came out pretty well and while I was at it, I realized that my bangs were waaaaay too long, so I decided to cut them. I was going to go for a straight cut, like I usually do, but then I wanted to do a "scene kid" kind of trim, and finally settled on doing a slanted cut instead. I was kind of unsure about it right before I did it, but...
I'm happy with the results now. 



I also took a close up shot of my eye. You can actually see my top lashes this time. I also took Lolo's advice and trimmed down my eyebrows so that I could make them brown. They looked very distracting being black while my hair is currently blonde. I must say: I kind of like it!

I also laid on the eyeliner on top a bit thicker than I usually do. It was nice, but at the same time a tad frustrating. It makes it hard to see my lashes from a distance, but overall, made my eyes pop out more.


Nothing special, but I painted my nails Valentine's themed.
They kind of suck. XD


Now that that's over with, I also wanted to update with my current purchases and what I'm waiting for to arrive.

I decided that I was finally going to stretch my ear lobes. I know this isn't a very Gyaru thing to do, but it's something I've wanted to do for a few years now, and seeing that my girlfriend did it only makes me want to do it more. I decided I'm going up to a 10mm, that's 00G and have already bought some tapers to get me started.

 2mm    3mm
 4mm   10mm (Where I'm stopping)

I can't wait for them all to arrive so I can work on this.


I also got this Kingdom Hearts II Roxas necklace. I've wanted one for a while, so I decided to get it. ♥

I am also waiting on 6 pairs of false lashes.

Can't wait to try them on! Loving the second row, second column and the third row.



I decided to be a great friend/girlfriend and buy my best friend and my girlfriend some ear cuffs for Valentine's day. I'm having them shipped directly to their houses. Sure, they may not get them by Valentine's day, but all that matters is that I bought them. ♥
Bought these hollow cross ones for myself.

Bought this lock and key set of cuffs for my bestie, Izzy.

And I bought these for my girlfriend. ♥
I can't wait for them to arrive! We'll all feel cool as fuck. XD Anyway, sorry for the super long blog post; I just thought I'd finally get all of this out there and out of the way in one shot! Til next time, Gals~

What do you think of my hair? Am I looking more Gyaru now? I'm still learning, but I do hope that I'm improving. Please comment and tell me what you think?


~Demy ♥



  1. Aaaaaa baby fly over here now.♥♥ ; O ; Sao cute. I'd almost go "KYAAAAA KAWAII DESUUU" but that would be too weeaboo :'D Loving this look, babes ♥♥♥♥ This makes me wanna work really hard so I can look good next to you!

  2. You are soo cute!! ^_^