Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post that's belated as fuck (2/3) PICTURE HEAVY!

We went out and since she wanted to wear her loli dress, I figured I'd join her. I love goth loli/kodona even though I don't really have the clothes for it, but I was content. I have no idea where the pics of her coord went ._. ...... da fux?
She wore my Puffy 3 Tones Gray :3

We got our cartilage pierced on the same side. Her dsi takes pics backwards, so that's actually her right ear o:

She bought a shirt and we walked around. Afterwards, he went to my cousin's place.

 Shirt she bought.

We didn't do much that week :'D ;;;

Nothing kinda happened aside from lazying around, playing ps3/ddr, internets, and general lolz. On the 30th to the 31st we kinda broke up for about 22 hours because of ~misunderstandings~, but we're all good now. (n U n)

On the first day of 2012, we went to see Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows and omg it was so good <3 O(≧∇≦)O

Coords that day on the right. I dressed her because I felt like doing so. All of what she's wearing aside from her shoes = mine. Everyone kept asking her if she was cold, ahaha!

We went to Piercing Works afterwards to get new studs and I basically got mine for free!  He told Demy that she didn't have to pay for one of the green ones and I could also have the other green one because it fell on the floor. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!wwww

On the 4th we went out shopping (again e u e) because she pretty much had 4 days left here and since today is my grandma's birthday and I work on Saturday, our alone time has been reduced to 2 days ; o ;

Demy and I got these GORGEOUS pocket watches <33 We saw them 2 weeks ago and we finally bought them <3333  I love things like this so much. LOOK AT IT. /jizz. Demy's is different from mine, but it's still beautiful <3

 I bought her these earmuffs and this.... thinger. She wanted them, but wasn't sure about buying them. When I offered to buy them for her she freaked out xD Bought them anyway ;D

 Manga <3

That day was also our 2 year anniversary. (5th of January)

♥ We couldn't celebrate it like we wanted to because it was also my grandma's birthday, but we were okay with that. We spent it together and that's good enough.♥


The day before she left, we went to the movies with my cousin and her girlfriend. Demy's coord below. I quite like it, haha. I gave her the shirt since I don't wear deep cut shirts, so it's kinda sorta hers right now.

x. Naoki @ Demy's blog

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