Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post that's belated as fuck (1/3) PICTURE HEAVY!

HOKAY, SO, this is Naoki filling in for Demy because she's a lazy ass hoe and doesn't feel like typing her own blogpost because she's STUPID (u o u) I told her to make this post like 6 weeks ago, but bitches just don't listen to me >:U raaaaaagggeeee.

Anyway, as you guys know, Demy came to visit me from the 19th of December till the 9th of January. We had a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. As I am lazy aswell, I will copypasta a few things from my own blog entries as I am too lazy to type up a fully original blog post.


Went to pick her up from the airport. It was quite the wait, but it was worth it. :3c She thought that tying a pink ribbon into my coat would make me look kawaii.

Demy joined me to school since I still had classes till the 23rd (stupid :l).

Never trusting her and her dsi again >:U

Later that day we went out shopping and bought some stuff, she more than I did but whatever.
We got what we wanted, so all is good.
 Excuse my ugly mug u n u

In the center of town, they had these decorations up. 

Kinda pretty, dontcha think? :3

 This jumpsuit she bought at H&Ms.

Coat from H&Ms and cosmetic brushes from Claire's. 

Apparently, cosmetic brushes are really expensive (I wouldn't know. Don't use make up lolol) so when she saw this pack for about 7 or 8, she freaked out at me and allI could do was stand there like 
":'D Oooo that's great!" Herp.

She also bought this scarf at H&Ms.
It's funny because I bought the EXACT SAME SCARF a few years ago xD

Wednesday: Nothing happened :c

Thursday: We went to return AC II because my save file doesn't match with the Game of the Year version of the game. All of my rage modes. All of them.

The Christmas tree on Dam Square in the center of town is HUGE. Σ(゜д゜;)

Saw this cool graffiti thinger on the door of a snackbar. Had to take a picture of it cause general lulz |Dc We're glad we took the picture when we did, because the next time we passed it, they had already painted over it. D:

Friday: boring friday is boring :c

:c Boring life.


I bought my sister a game for the ps2, Demy a goth/kuro loli dress and a rilakkuma bag (Pictures below), and my mom make-up stuff and some accessories worth €50. @ u @. Mom got me DDR, though. ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ I fucking LOVE DDR !!

Make up shots. Doesn't she look cute in that dress? nerr herr herr I buy the best presents. The dress is from Bodyline, btw.

x. Naokin @ Demy's blog.


  1. Whaao the color of the lenses and your hair are amazing together ! So beautiful ~♥

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yeah, I loved how well they looked together. It's completely coincidental because when I dyed my hair, it was blue, but faded to that gorgeous green. ♥