Sunday, December 18, 2011


Good afternoon, Everyone!

Okay, so, it's not technically my first plane ride, but it'll be the first one that I remember. I was on a plane when I was a baby. So, that doesn't count.

As you've all probably read from my previous blogs and from Naoki, but I am flying to Amsterdam.

I'm not so scared of the flight itself, but it's the airport that I'm afraid of. ; u ; I hope I don't fuck up something.

So, I also tried to dye my hair blue, but over the last 3 days my hair has been doing nothing but pissing me off and not taking the bleach and hair dye. I bleached it twice and dyed it twice and I still have some blondish patches in my hair. I'm half tempted to dye it all back to black. :C

This is what it looks like right now:

But whatever. I'll make it work somehow. 

Currently in the process of getting it curled by my stepsister.

I'm so excited but so scared. I get to go be with my girlfriend in person. ; u ; Eeee!


I love you, Baby.

I'll also do some Gyaru make-up soon as my hair is done. I can't wait to see her. ; u ;

I'll upload some pics of my make up later. ; u ;

Edit: I was rushing at the last minute, so I didn't have time for Gyaru make up. I just did normal make up with a bunch of glitter. Currently at the airport. @ u @

Also: my hair is cute. What do you Gals think?

Ciao for now!





  1. Stop panicking, you <3
    Everything will be fine~

  2. you hairrrrrrr <33333 haha
    Everything will be fine >:3 hope you has fun!

  3. Howww cuuute! You guys sound like a lovestory you have to tell me sometime! xD <3

    And actually, your hair looks pretty cool like that, It has a more dynamic flow with different hues of blue/green in it. I think if it was just pure blue it would look flat on pictures... :O It looks fantastic already, don't fuss over it!
    Oh and..
    Hi I am Yua btw. x3

  4. @River

    Aww, thanks, and I did. ♥♥♥ The airport wasn't that bad and I'm going to miss it here. ; u ;

  5. @Yua

    ///v/// Thank you.

    And, really? Thank you so much. It grew on me after a while, actually. Unfortunately, it's no long blue at all and it's this weird, funky blondish, greenish, brownish, bizarre-ish colour thing.

    Also, nice to meet you! n//u//n ♥