Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Morning~

Mnn.. it's morning and I don't want to study for that test, but I have to..

Anyway, so, last Sunday, I got posted on G_S and I was surprised to see something positive, since 9/10 times they're negative things.

I just wanted to say thank you to whomever posted it, you made me feel good. Naoki has been telling me forever to do this, so I finally did. Thanks again~ ♥

G_S #165 || Thread

I also thought I'd post up some of my older attempts of Gyaru makeup so I can get those out of the way and continue practicing~ There will a few pics in this post:

This one is the most recent: 2 weeks ago
Contacts: Puffy Three Tones Blue
From the same day, this was my FB pic.
This one was right before Halloween~
OCT. 25 2011
This was after I took off the wig XD - OCT. 25 2011
Contacts: Puffy Three Tones Violet

This was my first real attempt back in September~
SEP. 28 2011
I love my green contacts ♥
Contacts: Blytheye Green
I wear glasses, but not these, obviously. I'm going to Amsterdam soon!
December 18, 2011 if my departure date~
Okaaay, that's all I really have for today~ I hope you enjoy~ Leave me some tips you have any~

Love you guys~



  1. Aaawww yeeaah ;D That's my girl. ♥♥ Can't wait to see more of your gyaru attempts, love. :D ♥

    The pic with the glasses where you tilt your head is still my fav ♥

  2. Thanks, Baby~ ♥♥♥ Glad you like it~