Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I think I looked cute today~

Hi, again~

I'm not too hip on Gyaru Fashion or anything, so I need to look into that.

Anyway, today I put together an outfit that consisted of a black and purple fedora, a purple, plaid over shirt, a gray t-shirt under that, a black, layered skirt, gray thermal stockings with argyle designs on the side and black, lace-up boots. I also layered up my tutus beneath the skirt to make it poof out a bit more.

I know my camera quality sucks because my digital camera is stupid and the flash is ridiculous because it whites EVERYTHING out. Either that, or it doesn't detect any light. It's really, REALLY stupid.

Without Flash
With Flash (several attempts later)

So then, I had to switch over to my DSi because my camera was irritating me greatly.

I managed to get a few decent shots in, but I dislike how small and low quality they are. So please, bear with me until I get a new camera. ; u ;


Those are the full body shots. I also took a picture of my Hello Kitty key necklace and my face. XD;;;


I don't have Gyaru makeup on today because I was in a hurry to get to school. ;;; I'm almost always late. But, I'll put some on after I take my shower and wash my hair.

I also need to purchase a curling iron. :I  

Anywho, gimme a few hours and I might update with some makeup. I finally bought black mascara, YES!

Love, Demy~


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