Friday, December 9, 2011

Sooo, I played in make up after my shower today~

Hi hi~

Okay, so my girlfriend warned me against posting everyday unless it's absolutely gyaru related because it can get annoying to my followers... so, sorry about that. XD

Today, I happened to stumble across this wonderful makeup blog. I couldn't help but instantly follow her. Her makeup is absolutely stunning. Go have a look-see.

After going through her blog, I was suddenly inspired to play in my own makeup. I wanted to play with colours today and I saw this one of hers which made me put in my green contacts and get ready to practice some green gyaru makeup. I've been looking into the Rokku Gyaru style, so I may try that sometime soon.

I didn't try to recreate the style, but I used the colour scheme. Naoki was telling me how she loved winged eyeliner/shadow, so I thought I'd try that today. While I was at it, I gave it a shot at extending my waterline, too. Normally, I don't, but I thought to myself: why not?

I don't have any white eyeliner to fill in the gap, but I tried it with white eye shadow. I seriously need to go shopping, man. :|

Shots with bangs down. I decided to cut them more and make them thicker. c:

Bangs up so you can see the makeup better.

I hope you gals like it! Any advice? Tips?


Naokin x DemDem

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