Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hi again~

So, I got posted on Gyaru-Valentine, too! 

This makes me so happy. ; 3 ; Thank you all so much for your support!

G-V #26 

Okay, so last Sunday, my best friend decided to come back to town to visit for the Holidays. I'm about to leave for Amsterdam and I wanted to see her again before I left for my 23 day long vacation with Naoki. She lives in Chicago and I haven't seen her since August because she moved away last January.

Anywho, she showed some interest in Gyaru lately and wanted some help with make up and such. I'm still a newbie myself at this, so we decided to practice together. She doesn't have circle lenses yet, but she's thinking about ordering in some gray ones. c: I gave her a bunch of my spare false eyelashes to get her started. I didn't use bottom lashes this time because last time, when removing them, the glue stuck to my real lashes and yanked them out. Right now I have a small gap on my right eye where lashes should be, so I won't wear bottom ones til that grows back.

Beware: this is picture heavy.

Best Friends~
So, first we did our makeup and I took a shot of my eyes. The lighting made them pop out so much.

Contacts: Puffy Three Tones Blue

Me and Rach~ Webcam always makes my face so
much lighter than my body :/

Another make up shot
Rach was trying to curl my hair~
So after many attempts, we decided to switch curlers and grab some mousse to get my curls to stay. It worked... barely. So then we started taking a bunch of pics together and having fun. c:

After she finished my hair~

Glasses on~

Me and Rach~

And again~

I love this girl. ; u ;

Then after all of that, I asked her to take a pic of my outfit cos I think I looked cute today. XD

My outfit~

So yeah, that was pretty much it. I hope you gals like it~ Anyway, I'm beat, so off to bed I go~ ♥

Night~ ♥


~ Demy


  1. Contacts lenses are so cute! and lloks so nice in you!

  2. @naTT

    Thank you so much~ I've grown to love contacts and I keep buying them. |Dc I already have three pair~

    And thank you~ *hugs and kisses* ♥